In Sway Guides

1.) The most bougie — Southern Prime Steakhouse. We could eat their Vanilla Scented (??) French Toast every day for the rest of our lives.
 2.) … and the least — The Pinehurst Track Restaurant is nothing fancy (hello, cinder block walls), but with blueberry pancakes under $5 it’s the perfect place to take your cheap friends.
3.) If you’re hungover — Head to the Sly Fox and order a Bloody Mary and The Lazy Pig. You can’t erase all those drunk texts, but you can fill the hole in your heart with pork belly, egg, and fries.
4.) And if you have a sweet tooth — Duh, Betsy’s Crepes. Filled with peanut butter, Nutella, bits of Reese’s cups and chocolate sauce, Betsy’s calls this crepe the Joan of Arc. We call it the only reason to get up early on a Sunday morning.
5.) Try a New Spot — Filly & Colt’s may have a few kinks to work out at its new location in the Little River Golf and Resort, but sweet baby Jesus their waffles and bacon taste amazing after a beer binge.
6.) If You’re Coherent Enough to use Chopsticks — Try the Breakfast Ramen at Broad Street Bakery. If you’re not, stick with the French toast or breakfast burrito.

Honorable mention: Famous Toastery and Ironwood Cafe. Also, Midland Bistro is a good Saturday option. 

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