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Behold: The Pedro from Betsy’s Crepes. Brunch with a Mexican twist.

:: For the one with the sweet tooth — Southern Prime Steakhouse. We could eat their chocolate and caramel french toast every day for the rest of our lives.

:: Where to eat like a champion — The Carolina Dining Room has a breakfast buffet fit for kings and queens. We’re talking omelettes made to order, bacon, eggs, smoked salmon and more.

:: And, for those looking to make a weekend out of it — Try the Sunday Brunch Package at Mid Pines Inn. Book a Saturday night stay at the inn and get bottomless brunch the following day for $195.

:: If you’re hungover — Head to the Sly Fox and order a Bloody Mary and The Lazy Pig. You can’t erase all those drunk texts, but you can fill the hole in your heart with pork belly, egg and fries.

:: How to please the Instagram foodie — Duh, Betsy’s Crepes. Filled with peanut butter, Nutella, bits of Reese’s cups and chocolate sauce, Betsy’s calls this crepe the Joan of Arc. We call it the only reason to get up on a Sunday morning. Want something savory? Try the Pedro — a crepe filled with chicken, rice and black beans, topped with sour cream and pico.

:: If you’re coherent enough to use chopsticks — Try the Breakfast Ramen at Broad Street Bakery & Cafe. If you’re not, stick with the French toast or breakfast burrito.

:: For the ones who prefer friend everything — You can’t go wrong with anything at Mason’s Restaurant and Grocery, but the pimento cheese plate and Nashville hot chicken biscuit will change your life in every way possible.

:: If you’re on a budget — The Pinehurst Track Restaurant is nothing fancy (hello, cinder block walls), but with blueberry pancakes under $8, it’s the perfect place take your cheap friends.

:: For those looking for a mid-morning Greek out — Try the brunch buffet at Meat and Greek. It’s more lunch than breakfast, but it’s so good that it doesn’t matter. Meat and Greek’s other unconventional brunch items include baked ziti, beet salad, stuffed grape leaves and … pizza. Hey, don’t knock it until you try it. The buffet is $18 per person, and brunch runs from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m every Sunday.

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