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After turning to art during a difficult time, Jodi Ohl dove into what brought her joy — eventually taking a leap of faith to leave her job as a banking manager and pursue her creative passions full-time. Now, she’s leaving a trail of colorful, abstract art wherever she goes.

Photos courtesy of the artist via Instagram

You may have unknowingly enjoyed her work in local hotspots: Swank, The Block or ARTworks Vass; but her talents have also taken her beyond soulful sessions in front of the easel.

Jodi’s art, as seen at Swank Coffee Shop and Handmade Market

Jodi has written a book on abstract art, has more than 35 articles published globally, created eight instructional DVDs and teaches colorful workshops virtually and in-person. 

While some workshops are one session, you can find a 2-3 day series where Jodi helps students slow down to find their flow, embrace the story that unfolds in the process and learn the technicalities of various mediums.

“My goal is to help people find joy and passions in life through creative pursuits. I love seeing students develop over time,” says Jodi. “It’s never too late to do something you love.” Crazy for color? Welcome to the club. (Van) Gogh here or follow her on IG.

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