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At This Little Piggy Baby and Children’s Boutique, a real piggy roams around the store, but it’s not a little one. The store, located in downtown Aberdeen, has a giant pot-belly pig named Adeline as their mascot. 

She’s really nice,” owner Noga Ailer said. “You can come up and pet her. She’s really a laid back kind of animal. She’s like ‘OK I’m just going to hang here. You do your thing. I’ll wear my bows.’” 

The Little Piggy reopened in February after Ailer purchased the store from the previous owner. And it it wasn’t for losing her daughter’s pacifier at a Christmas party, she may have never considered the purchase.  

“My husband drove by and he was like ‘It’s a baby store. I’ll go in and see if they have the pacifier,’” Ailer said. “He came home and said ‘Here’s the pacifier. Oh, and they’re selling the store.’ 

Ailer was born in Israel but moved to the U.S. for her father’s education when she was 5. She grew up in Dublin, Ohio, and moved to Moore County for her husband’s work in the Army. She has three young children, which she said makes it easy for her to own a children’s store. 

“When people come in, I can say ‘my daughter loved this. She liked chewing on the knitted items. This pacifier is the one that we used for all three children.’” 

The Little Piggy is open everyday from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and is closed on Sundays. 

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