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We matched up two couples via our SwaySetups dating service, and sent them to Barn Escape Moore County, in Aberdeen. Here’s what they had to say.

Date No. 1: Two 30-Something Teachers

OK, they went on one date as part of our SwaySetups matchmaking service.
But we can dream, right?

First Impression:
He said: “She was smart and sweet and cute. The people at Barn Escape were super nice and accommodating.”
She said: “We have a lot in common and it was very easy to talk to him.”
Best Part Of The Date:
He said: “Solving the puzzle. First dates are normally boring but doing the activity allowed us to work together and have something to talk about.”
She said: “The escape room was a good pick. We had to solve a problem so there was no room for awkward silence and it made for a good date.”
Most Awkward Moment:
He said: “There were no awkward moments on the date.”
She said: “I was pleasantly surprised that there were no awkward moments. There was nothing weird about our date at all.”
How The Date Ended:
He said: “We sat at the picnic tables outside of Barn Escape and talked afterwards. We really hit it off.”
She said: “We had a nice conversation afterwards. When we were ready to go home, we exchanged contact information.”
What Happens Next:
He said: “We exchanged numbers and are working to see each other again.”
She said: “We are planning to go out again, soon. He was a really nice guy and I want to see him again.”


Date No. 2: Soft-Spoken Meets Nice Smile

First Impression:
He said: “She was pretty with a nice smile — when she smiled, her face lit up. She seemed like a genuine person.”
She said: “He was very soft spoken but extremely nice. He was easy to talk to.”
Best Part Of The Date:
He said: “We worked together with a team to get out of the escape room and we worked well. Everyone did great and we were able to get out of the room in 41 minutes.”
She said: “The Escape Room was fun. It was definitely a learning experience.”
Most Awkward Moment:
He said: “The introduction. On a blind date, you never know what the premises will be but it was a little weird to have five minutes of conversation and immediately have to solve a puzzle together.”
She said: “There were some parts that were kind of weird but it was fun.”
How The Date Ended:
He said: “After the date we got drinks at Char Bar, had fun, and talked for a couple of hours…We have a lot of similar interests.”
She said: “We got drinks afterward and had the opportunity to learn more about each other.”
What Happens Next:
He said: “I would be open to seeing Claire again. She is genuine and pretty.”
She said: ”We will see each other again. We have been texting a little bit.”

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