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Your mom was wrong: you actually don’t have to live with that dumb tattoo you got in college for the rest of your life. Thanks to laser technology, tattoos aren’t thecommitment they used to be.

The Before: You’re having tattoo remorse. You’re spending your time and energy covering up a tattoo you hate with clothing, makeup … more tattoos?
The During: You can definitely feel it, but not any more than the “art” you got to begin with. Treatments generally last about 10 minutes, but can be longer for more complex tattoos.
The After: You will experience some redness and soreness in the days immediately following the treatment, and after that a noticeably lighter tattoo. Many patients require several tattoo removal treatments, every 6-8 weeks. How many depends on the tattoo and your skin type.

The end result? Most tattoos removed with PicoSure technology fade nearly completely and with no scarring. The Laser Institute of Pinehurst offers free tattoo removal consultations to anyone interested in clearing up their skin.

Bonus: book your tattoo removal sessions on any given Wednesday and receive 25 percent off all packages.

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