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Scroll through The Saburro Shop on Instagram and you’ll find a little bit of everything. Bethany Saburro started her business in 2016, selling mostly custom woodwork and hand painted wooden signs, but recently found her niche in the earring world.

“I remember seeing a pair of earrings in a department store and thinking, ‘wait, I could make that,'” Bethany said.

She started out with wooden earrings, but later began experimenting with polymer clay, which have become her best sellers.

Each pair of earrings are uniquely designed by Bethany. From flowers to geometric shapes, each pair is different from the next.

A longtime lover of creating, Bethany used art as an escape. The Saburro Shop started out as mostly a hobby, but without the distractions of daily routines during quarantine, she felt inspired to invest more time in The Saburro Shop.

Bethany mostly sells her work through Instagram and occasionally on Etsy. You can also find it at Pine Scone Cafe in Pinehurst and Southern Pines, and My Sister’s Porch in Aberdeen.

“It’s so satisfying to do something that you love and to find that other people love what you spend your time and efforts on, too,” Bethany said.

Follow The Saburro Shop on Instagram to see what Bethany will come up with next.

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