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Reason number 1,431 to feel #blessed to be an American in the 21st century: you can now give your friends and loved ones a personal gift box without actually having to pick out the personal gifts. Amy McNeill, AKA The Cheerful Squirrel, is now here to do that for you. What a time to be alive.

Just like a squirrel gathers acorns, Amy gathers unique, locally made items from more than 50 Moore County businesses and arranges them into themed gift boxes. As for the “cheerful” part of the company’s name — that’s just Amy. She’s about as cheerful as they come.

The “Land of the Pines” box from the Cheerful Squirrel features items from local businesses like Pik ‘N Pig and R. Riveter.

Boxes range from $40 to $150 and each box is themed, so you can please pretty much anyone (we’re looking at you, Aunt Carol).

Amy got the idea to start the Cheerful Squirrel in the middle of the night after realizing there wasn’t a business in the area that offered hand-curated gift boxes. She got out out of bed at 2 a.m. and had the company’s business plan written by 5 a.m. Impressive, right?

In addition to her Ladies’ and Gentlemans’ boxes, The Cheerful Squirrel also offers boxes for babies, coffee lovers and those who are just flat out proud to be from The Pines.

The Cheerful Squirrel is currently working on a website, but you can purchase a box on Etsy. Follow her on Instagram to meet the makers featured in her boxes.

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