Mockingbird on Broad Finds a New Nest

Maybe you guessed it from our teaser Instagram posts, or maybe you thought the out-of-context updates were the result of us accidentally inhaling Expo marker fumes. Either way, we can finally tell you — Mockingbird on Broad is moving into the space that now houses Framer’s Cottage in March.

New Nest, Who Dis?

Like most events in the past year, changing locations wasn’t originally in the cards for owner Sundi McLaughlin. But, she knew that the opportunity to move into a larger space and expand her inventory to bring in furniture, home accessories and bedding was one she couldn’t pass up. 

“I have helped my customers for the last few years decorate their spaces, but I’ve been unable to reflect that in my shop due to lack of space,” Sundi says. “I am hoping the decorating, staging, and gift shop will feel cohesive and balanced.”

Mockingbird 2.0 will also include a second entrance at the back of the building that faces Hot Asana’s new headquarters (10 Camelia Way), an office and storage space for inventory.

“I know this sounds so nerdy, but I am excited to have an actual office and an additional workspace,” Sundi says. “My current ‘office’ is a plank of wood with our safe tucked in underneath where I hit my shins daily. When I stand up, I usually knock at least one thing off the wall.”

Continuing a Legacy

Sundi and Framer’s Cottage owner Lindsay Rhodes.

Framer’s Cottage announced via social media in early January that they’d be closing up shop after 20 years in their space at 162 NW Broad Street.

“Framer’s Cottage will be sorely missed,” Sundi says. “I hope to do owner Lindsay Rhodes and her mom proud. My hope is for their shop to not have one thing left to buy on their final day.”

And in that spirit — from now until the end of January, Sundi is offering 25% off one item at Mockingbird when you bring in a receipt from Framer’s Cottage.

The timeline for Mockingbird’s grand opening in the new building is still in the works, but for now, you can visit Sundi and her crew in her little blue storefront that’ll always hold a special place in her heart.

“I think every friend I have made in this town has come out of this shop,” Sundi says. ” It’s cool to have been a part of a building which has seen so much — from a bakery to a shoe shop to Mockingbird on Broad. I am just one little moment of time to this hundred-year-old building.”

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