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We Will, We Will Mock You

There’s no shame in ordering a Shirley temple, but you might want something that feels a little more ~adult~ during dry January. Instead of ordering the same thing as your niece, opt for one of these mocktails instead. 

  • diVine Lounge: Choose from multiple mocktails or an alcohol-free sauvignon blanc for dry January. The bar has even concocted a liquid that tastes like bourbon — ask for the Fashionless Bonnie.
  • Workshop Tavern: Choose from four mocktails on the menu that pair perfectly with the mac ‘n cheese bowls. It’s like the gourmet, adult version of an after-school snack. Try the “Nojito”
  • Southern Pines Growler Co.: If you can’t shake the routine of having a cold one, Southern Pines Growler has six-packs of non-alcoholic beers from Untitled Art including IPAs and dark brews. Crack one open.
  • North & South Bar: We hear the Blackberry Mint Mocktail is Instagram-worthy and delicious. We have the DM to prove it. Cheers.
  • Elliotts on Linden: You can have your cake and a fancy drink too. Try something new, ask a bartender for a pairing rec. Pinkies up.
  • The Deuce: Whether you’re on the green all day or just want an excuse to go to the clubhouse, The Deuce can hook you up with a drink that’s refreshing and non-alcoholic. No temptation here. 

Did we miss your favorite? Hit reply and tell us about it.

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