Moore County Chamber of Commerce Unveils New Collaborative Workspace

The Moore County Chamber of Commerce recently moved into a mini penthouse suite on the third floor of Southern Pines Growler, and they’re opening their new home by offering up their conference room and gathering area to the community as a collaborative workspace.

A kitchen, fridge, beer, wine, snacks, coffee, wifi and access to scanning and printing is available in addition to the conference room. You can book the collaborative workspace free of charge right now as they work out the kinks.

“Right now, we’re just figuring out what demographic of people really want to use the space,” Moore County Chamber of Commerce president and CEO Linda Parsons says. “And then it’s really fine tuning the little things like how the desks are positioned, if more TVs are needed — all of that stuff.”

Eventually, the space will be available as a paid subscription service with different tiers of access. Offering a key fob for 24/7 access is being discussed as an option, as well as allotting a certain number of visits per month. The subscription aspect isn’t expected to kick in until fall at the latest, and chamber members will continue to receive free access.

“We’ve been saying that most people have those three places. You have home, your office and your third place. We want to be that third place for people,” Linda says. “If you’re tired of working from your own couch, you can come work on ours.”

The collaborative workspace doesn’t have a name right now, but the chamber is in the process of brainstorming ideas that capture its purpose of being a community work place. Have any ideas? Email us at hello@itsthesway.com — there may or may not be a prize involved if they choose your idea.

In the mean time, you can book the collaborative workspace by emailing info@moorecountychamber.com or calling 910-692-3926.

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