See How Family Photog Lolly Nazario Captures Everyday Joy

As the official photographer for her growing family, Lolly Nazario became an expert in subjects who are on the move — and honed a talent for capturing children as their authentic selves. But during lockdown, her hobby became her official occupation.

“When COVID struck I realized we are living history, and I realized that a great gift to our children would be to document it — all the things that we were doing to make ourselves happy and keep ourselves entertained. It’s not just the milestone moments that deserve to be photographed. There’s a lot of beauty in the day-to-day, in the ordinary.”

Her passion for photography carried over into a new business started in the midst of the pandemic: Lolly’s Lens Photography. Families across Moore County began welcoming her into their homes, to capture them in this unforgettable moment in time — exactly as they are.

“With lifestyle photography, we can use your bed, your baby’s nursery, your heirloom items, in places that have meaning to you,” she says, “rather than a sterile background that doesn’t reflect your personality.”

Lolly also specializes in outdoor photography — and letting kids run wild and free.

“A lot of the biggest concerns people have about family photos is getting their kids to sit still and smile, because that’s the only way they think they can achieve a beautiful photograph,” she says. “But I have small children, and can speak their language, and I know that ‘sit on this blanket and smile’ is not going to give them a chance to be their authentic self in front of the lens.”

A mental health counselor by profession, Lolly’s ability to get to know people quickly (and quickly make them feel at ease) shines through in the personality captured in her photos.

The process starts before the session, with a questionnaire that helps Lolly get to know you and your goals for a family photograph, maternity shoot, or senior session. She’ll also give you tips on clothing and advice on poses to help you feel confident in your skin; and open up her client closet for props and clothing that will make your images pop.

“I’m big on education, before and during the session,” Lolly says. “I want my clients to feel relaxed and confident, and leave with a family memory that only becomes more special when they see the photos.”

Learn more about Lolly and see more of her work on her website, or follow her on Instagram.


April 23, 24 and 25: Join Lolly for a series of spring mini sessions at Little Way Flower Farm, in Aberdeen, followed by a fun farm tour with flowers, baby cows and chickens.

Sign up here, but first, get Lolly’s tips:

— Arrive 5-10 minutes early.
— Keep communication open. Text Lolly with any questions or concerns, and let her know of any special requests or shots you particularly want.
— If you want to bribe your child, don’t give them the chance to decide if the prize is worth good behavior. Bring a wrapped gift and leave it in the car so they can’t see it until the session is over.

This post was produced in partnership with Lolly’s Lens Photography.

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