InfuZEN Hydration Offers the Reboot You Definitely Need

The concept of IV hydration isn’t a new one, but thanks to Gina Chamlee, APRN and InfuZEN Hydration, it’s finally made its way to Southern Pines.

We’ve all been told by doctors, nurses, our mothers and the internet and every other key figure in our lives that staying hydrated is critical in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. But, those eight 8-ounce glasses of water can only go so far in replenishing the water and nutrients we lose daily through exercise, caffeine and yes, booze.

Gina and InfuZEN Hydration recently hooked us up with the good stuff — literally. We got plugged up to a “banana bag” filled with liquid magic that brought these coffee chugging, “drunken debutantes” back to life.

Banana Bag? Please Explain.

No, it’s not the all-banana bags of Runts. A banana bag, Gina explains, is a nurse jargon for the IV cocktail given to replenish the body with nutrients like Vitamins C and B Complex and other key minerals. At InfuZEN, this particular cocktail is call the “The Quencher.”

The IV hydration process takes about an hour. If you’re worried about the sticking, don’t. A part-time nurse practitioner and a former Sandhills Community College clinical instructor, she has plenty of practice with, you know, needles.

After the initial sticking, you wait as the magic potion does its stuff. Gina stopped periodically to check our blood pressure. After a few minutes, we started to feel a little chilly from all the hydrating, so we cozied up with a blanket while we waited for the banana bag to finish draining.

The Days After

We noticed a slight boost in our energy level a couple of hours after the IV, but the real moment of truth came the next day. We’re not exaggerating when we say we had the best night’s sleep of our life and woke up feeling, well, really freakin’ good.

Higher energy levels, less sense of existential dread for the day ahead and improved sleep quality have carried on throughout the past few days. Sure, the sticking itself was a little nerve wracking, but as a nurse practitioner, Gina really does know her stuff, and she knows how to make you feel as comfortable as possible. To put it simply: we’ll be back for more banana.

Feeling Thirsty for Some InfuZEN Hydration?

Concoctions like The Hangover Cocktail, The Glow, The Athlete, The Classic and more are offered. Options like B12, Lipo, Vitamin D and Glutathione and more are also available. 

InfuZEN Hydration is located at 375 SE Broad St. Suite F in Southern Pines. Gina is available by appointment Monday through Sunday. You can book an appointment with Gina by calling 910-725-6500. See what all is offered by checking out InfuZEN’s website.

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