New Food Truck Derails Hot Girl Summer

Because with home-cooked sandwiches, brisket, burgers, adult grilled cheeses and more, The House of Odell and Luella’s is out to normalize “fat and sassy spring.” Really — it says so on the front of the truck.

The House of Odell and Luella’s started making their rounds on wheels in February. The name and the slogan both pay homage to owner Dawn Sugg’s grandmothers, Odell and Luella.

“Odell was my southern nana and Luella was my northern nana,” Dawn says.

Dawn recalls her grandma Odell making food for a big fish fry every Friday night in Southern Pines growing up.

“Everyone would get together and that’s where we got together and ate and she would say she was ‘making you fat and sassy,’ Dawn says.

A self-proclaimed “home cook,” the food truck is Dawn’s way of carrying on her grandmothers’ traditions of spreading good food and love with the community.

“We like doing burgers, sandwiches and brisket — everything — with a twist,” Dawn says. “I don’t like can popping. It’s all fresh here and it’s all different.”

Find the House of Odell and Luella’s later this week from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m. Thursday at Cooper Ford (5292 US 15/501, Carthage) and from  5-7 p.m. Saturday at a NextHome in the Pines (105 Bradford Village Court, Southern Pines). 

Check out the menu and see where they’re headed next via Facebook.

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