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And family game night just got even more intense. You can now bring the fun of an escape room to your home, thanks to new “escape box” business, E&T Escapes.

Founded by Erin Shore and Todd Handell, E&T Escapes wraps all the fun, mystery and challenge of an escape room into a box that’s delivered to your front door.  

They launched E&T Escapes about a month ago after receiving positive feedback about the at-home escape boxes they put together for kids at their church to solve in lieu of Vacation Bible School. 

“We delivered more than 30 boxes to families at our church, and they were a hit. We kind of joked for a while about turning it into a business. After noticing a need for fun family activities, we decided to give it a go,” Todd says.

From pirates and princesses to seasonal themes, the boxes, riddles and clues from E&T Escapes are all kid-friendly. However, Erin and Todd warn that they’ll stump even the most stump-proof adults.

“We really want to emphasize that these boxes are fun for the entire family,” Erin says. “They’re great for kids, but it’s really for everyone. 

You’ll find smaller boxes on the inside and directions for which clue unlocks the next box. When you solve the final clue, you’ll unlock a prize. 

You can reserve a box online for $35 and pick a day for it to be delivered at 5 p.m. You have until 9 a.m. the next day to put on your thinking caps before Shore and Handell collect it to be sanitized.

For more information about E&T Escapes, check them out on Facebook.

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