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We knew you were running low. Thankfully, the Hemp Farmacy (yes,farmacy) has opened on Bennett Street in Southern Pines. Dr. James Taylor, of Integrated Pain Solutions, has partnered with the company to sell products derived from CBD oil extracted from industrial hemp crops. This oil has just enough THC to possibly show up on a drug test, but not enough to warrant a snack run.

Though not regulated or endorsed by the FDA, research indicates CDB oil could reduce inflammation and anxiety. It is also being studied for a possible role in treating epilepsy, Type 1 diabetes and neuropsychiatric disorders.

“I feel the time is now for a hemp revolution,” Taylor says, adding that any alternative to opioids is worth consideration. “I’d like all of my patients to get relief from non-addictive dangerous things that can’t kill you. If I can do that, I will be successful.”

:: Did you know? The town of Robbins was called Hemp before being renamed for Karl Robbins in 1943, six years after hemp cultivation was outlawed by the federal government. North Carolina’s Industrial Hemp Act, passed in late 2015, allows for the cultivation of hemp that contains less than 0.3 percent THC under a federal pilot program.

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