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Most of us regular folk are overjoyed — but local taxi companies, unsurprisingly, are not thrilled. We told you about the car ride service coming a while back. This week, The Pilot got a response from Kirk Tours:  “I don’t want to criticize what people want, but this is undercutting the small businessmen and women,” Marva Kirk said.

Services like Kirk Tours pay more than $1,000 a year for the privilege of operating on RDU’s campus, plus additional fees every time they are on the property. Uber argues that it is simply an app that serves as an intermediary between drivers and rider, and, therefore, is not a genuine taxi service and should not be regulated as one.

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Notable feedback so far (edited for style and clarity):

I will tell you that our area is perfect for this service. People come for golf and want to drink. Restaurants and bars will certainly benefit. So will those wanting to earn some extra $$$. So, who is the loser?  — John

Bring it on!!  We need competition and a safe way to get around. PLEASE allow Uber into our area. Judi

I agree with Marva Kirk. Where are the professional fees, (bonding, liability, competed operations and other) that small, totally up front businesses pay to operate their businesses. Not until someone gets hurt physically or financially does the alarm go off. — Tom

It’s more of a quick convenience for us — we have used it all over the country when traveling and out for dinner with friends, and perhaps a couple of cocktails. No one has to drive!  I think it’s a win-win!  P.S. Kirk Tours is awesome and we love traveling their tours and theater events! — Monica

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