In Sway Guides

1. Lobsta Fries — Deep-fried potatoes, topped with Maine lobster and chipotle cream sauce? Uh, yes, please. Make a meal out of them at Chapmans, for $14.

2. Reuben Eggrolls — It’s a sandwich. It’s an egg roll. Why didn’t we think of that? Ashten’s, $8. 

3. Bang Bang Shrimp — Anything tossed in that creamy, crispy sauce and then fried would be good, but on shrimp it’s, well, bangin’. Bonefish Grill, $10.50.

4. Southern Hushpuppies — Nothing is more southern than a hushpuppy; except for a hushpuppy filled with white cheddar cheese and caramelized onions. It’s served with ghost chili honey butter and apricot chutney at The Tavern at the Holly Inn, for $10.

5. Lobster Rangoons — Yes, another lobster entry — this time stuffed into a dumpling and served with spicy mayo. Chef Warren’s, $15.

6. Steamed Buns — Funny name. Serious flavor from crispy pork belly, hoisin glaze and firecracker relish. Ironwood, $11.

:: Did we miss one? You know what to do.

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