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No one taught Elizabeth Hadley how to love plants. Like the dozens of tropical babies in her greenhouse in Whispering Pines, her love grew from years trial and error, research and TLC. In February 2020, Elizabeth started her tropical plant import business, Whispering Vines.

Just take. A. Look. At. This. Instagram. Aesthetically pleasing? Absolutely.

Whispering Vines brings in greenery from places like Thailand and Indonesia to clients across the state. Elizabeth communicates with plant vendors overseas to obtain rare, tropical plants for nurseries and even reptile vivariums across the state.

Her magical greenhouse filled with majestic and worldly plants in Whispering Pines.

Elizabeth’s collection consists of everything from aroids like monsteras and philodendrons to rare orchids, palms and African/southeast Asian flowering trees.

“When it comes to plants, it’s a matter of networking and doing a ton of research,” Elizabeth said. “I’ve focused on developing long term relationships with suppliers overseas, so I can have access to a wider range of plants and the rarer plants.”

When Elizabeth receives an order, she coordinates with the buyer to have them pick up at her greenhouse or she will take them herself.

In the future, Elizabeth hopes to extend her import business to the interior landscaping market. Just as interior designers provide insight in room design, Elizabeth would provide clients with ways to use plants to enhance a space.

“Aesthetically speaking, you have lots of structural elements to plants,” Elizabeth said. “Some are vase shaped. Some are more wild. I feel like plants can add such an incredible aesthetic effect to a room — instead of pieces of furniture that serve no purpose.”

To learn more about Whispering Vines, follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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