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Because there is more to human emotions than just “Happy mix,” and we need more than just, “Lo-fi beats,” or “80s rock” to keep our brain neurons firing and lighting up the creative parts of our noggins, we went on a quest for the most random, hyper-specific Spotify playlists we could find. Our lives need a set list for every kind of vibe.

  1. Food Lion Music: It’s exactly what you think it would be. Faith Hill, 90s grunge. The fluorescent lighting and smell of rotisserie chicken is all nearly within reach thanks to these tunes. We listen to this one when we need to remember where we came from.
  2. POV: You’re a Cicada : If you don’t know what a cicada is, well, you may not be from these parts. Oddly, the playlist makes total sense. We imagine being at our parents cookout, dad rock is playing and dusk is approaching.
  3. Songs that Smell like Pine Trees: Because songs now have smell.
  4. Green Bean Casserole: Casseroles are all about throwing together things you like. Maybe all of our playlists should be called casseroles.
  5. Songs that would play in a heist movie after somebody’s like, “I know a guy…”: This one makes us feel like we need to buy a new pair of black sunglasses. We don’t know how to elaborate further. 
  6. POV: you just ran over Sasquatch with your souped up Toyota Tacoma: They really laid out the scene for us. RIP, Yeti.
  7. Songs that explicitly mention peanut butter: To play when you’re feeling like a snack or want a snack.
  8. My McDonald’s Order: Really read the titles of this one for a giggle.
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