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He’s Raising the Steaks

Meat Matthew Parker, a fourth-generation beef farmer. Matthew started working with the herd as a kid and now specializes in beef and hay at his farm, Terrace Ridge, which raises around 100 head of cattle annually.

Terrace Ridge cows are all pasture-raised without any antibiotics or hormones. Grass quality makes a difference too, so these beefy bois primarily eat Bermuda.

All of the beef is dry-aged and vacuum-sealed to keep it tasting fresh for long periods of time. If you want to mooove to locally sourced food, you can order a sampler box with various cuts. If you have a really large freezer (or family) you can even order a half or quarter cow, online or by calling 910-639-8115.

Matthew loves educating people about the process and getting people interested in local food. “If I could spend all my time on a tractor, I would,” he says. “I love carrying on the tradition.”

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