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Part of living in the Sandhills is taking grocery stores weirdly seriously. Don’t ask us why; dems da rules. So with the Big Game on the horizon, we’re taking a deep dive down our favorite food aisles to give you something you never thought to ask for: our picks for the Nutritional Foodball League. 

Harris Teeter: The QB. Widely known with three locations in Moore County, this brand is easily the backbone of our weekly shopping trips. Back when the Pinehurst location was the biggest Teeter in the country, we all had a stat to brag about.

The Fresh Market: The RB. It’s flashy and gets a lot of attention. Like a good play from a running back, nobody picks up a party tray at The Fresh Market and doesn’t mention they got the party tray from The Fresh Market.

Lowe’s FoodsThe Fans. BroBaMeNoJu — except when your team embarrasses you and you’re using the brown bag to hide your face.

Aldi: The O-Line. It’s not a one-stop shop, but it gets the job done with no glory. And picks up the slack when you forget your bag.

Food Lion: The Referee. Right in the middle between boujee and normal grocery stores, it’s a respectable choice. While we’ll never be trusted with deciding a game, here we’re always an MVP.  

Piggly Wiggly: The Mascot. Because whether or not you’re big on it, you know the pig when you see it.

Nature’s Own: Special Teams. Your go-to for supplements that do a highly specific job, like covering for the bad decisions you make on behalf of your liver.

Davenport’s Galaxy: The Punter. You don’t always think about it, but it’s there when you need it most — like when your dinner line-up depends on a turkey neck bone in the middle of July.

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