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The Southern Pines location celebrates its grand opening this Saturday, with chances to win raffle prizes, gift cards and free juice for the rest of the year. And juuust in case you’re intimidated by the super-healthy options, here’s a list of our favorite orders that will make you look like you know what you’re doing.

1. The Skinny — A blend of watermelon and pineapple, so refreshing you won’t even care that it’s 1000 degrees outside.

2. The Mangos ‘N Cream One — Still not quite sure how to pronounce Açaí? We’re judging you right now, but make sure the people in line behind you don’t. Just order this one.

3. The Energy One — Coming straight from the gym? Sip this cup full of beet juice, which improves blood flow and quickens muscle recovery. Your trainer will be so proud.

4. The White — Can’t get anything for yourself without your kid asking for a sip or 12? If you’re feeling generous, get them something they’ll love — like this option, which tastes like Cinnamon Toast Crunch with half the calories and exactly a million less sugars.

5. The Nutty Bowl — If you’re worried about your teeth getting jealous, try this mix of almond butter, cacao, maple syrup, strawberries, granola and fresh fruit, all topped with that hard-to-pronounce (for you) superfruit.

6. The Avocado Toast — A beautiful slice of avocado toast completes every millennial’s ironic aesthetic. Tag @cleanjuicesouthernpines in your pictures and let them know how #blessed you are.

Bonus: Want to know more about the team behind Clean Juice? Click here for the fresh-pressed facts.

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