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If hearing “Uptown Funk” on a grocery store radio reminds you of a time everyone was wearing gladiator sandals, at least you can recycle those feelings for your Roman Empire costume. What else are we expecting to see on Halloween? More variety than all the “Top Gun” looks that really, uh, took off last year. Here are our top predictions.

The rest of the internet won’t shut up about it, so don’t expect us to. This easy couple’s costume can be achieved with a white tee shirt, red lipstick and a jersey of the man who Taylor made famous. You’re welcome.

I mean, duh. You’ve either been waiting for this since the summer or you’re getting your money’s worth out of a previously worn Barbie-inspired outfit from another party. You could pull practically anything out of the closet and say you’re _____ Barbie. We’re going with Laundry Day Barbie.

Guys? We’d like to see a fringe shirt and cowboy hat, but if you’re feeling extra lazy you could wear a black shirt and say “You’re just ken.”

Semi controversial? Maybe. But there are now two (count ’em, two) big Elvis movies so you know people are gonna dress up. Also that hair? We love to see it. If you’re not willing to risk permanent damage by teasing your hair to add 6 inches, you could opt for a wig.

If you know, you know.

The show “Wednesday” debuted in mid-November of last year, which to us is just wrong. They missed Halloween by a hair and now we’ve had to wait a whole year to dress as the kooky Addams family. Good thing most of our closet is black anyway.

Thanks to Gen Z all of the worst 90’s trends are coming back, including butterflies. Yes, we’re those haters. We appreciate pollinators but have you seen hairy little butterfly bodies up close? Creepy. Anyway, it’s an easy costume and something we expect to see more than once.

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