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Next time you need a unique gift for someone or yourself, check out The Local Mixer — where you’ll find organic, handmade, preservative-free fruit and herbal syrups for cocktails, mocktails or coffees. You’ll get a basket with a recipe card, syrup and curated glasses to match.

When Sarah Mason transitioned from active duty to the Air Force reserves, she took a year to “take a break from the world,” and discovered a creative outlet in bartending. She began experimenting with mocktails after becoming pregnant and it filled her cup more than she expected, growing into a full-blown business.

“It’s a fun way to bring in the experience of getting a fancy drink from a bar at home,” says Sarah, who found simple at-home experiences even more important after becoming a new mom.

Sarah makes fresh syrups each week and each one varies in shelf life. She made a delivery to our office and we tried her strawberry basil syrup with some Prosecco (note: alcohol is not included with your order) for a not-too-sweet cocktail we enjoyed along with some side eye from our boss. Find new weekly options via Instagram @TheLocal_Mixer.

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