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Call it Puppy Love

Don’t have a Valentine? Make a dog, cat or injured hawk your valentine instead. Consider spending money on something heart-shaped that you can donate to a local animal shelter, like treats or toys. Or, fulfill your need for giving by donating food, money or time. 

  • Moore Humane Society: This no-kill shelter hosts a variety of services for both dogs and cats including adoption, low cost spay/neuter, rehabilitation and more.
  • Caring Hearts for Canines: Donate to pay for food, spay and neuter, vetting, grooming, heartworm medications and all other necessities for dogs. 
  • Holly’s Nest: Help wildlife, from owls to deer to bunnies and everything in between, get rehabilitated after injury or being orphaned.
  • Feline Friends of Moore County: This nonprofit works through a network of foster homes, and aims to educate on the importance of spaying/neutering. It also always has an influx of kittens for adoption.
  • Sandhills Cat Coalition: This nonprofit aims to rescue stray and feral cats by spay/neutering and then finding them homes.
  • Animal Advocates of Moore County: Animal Advocates of Moore County is not a shelter. It is an organization dedicated to the animals and animal-loving people of Moore County. The organization is committed to all aspects of animal welfare.
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