Reduce, Reuse, Retro: Meet the Mind Behind Daisy Daydream

Casey Jones has always thought outside of the box. When the Pinehurst native’s passions for vivid, retro designs and the environment led to the launch of online vintage boutique Daisy Daydream, it came as no surprise that the outfits Casey thrifted and upcycled seemed “costumey” to some.

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“That’s just the stuff that inspires me,” Casey says. “The colors and the velvets — I’m drawn to things that I’ll literally never see again.”

After graduating from Pinecrest, Casey spent some time at East Carolina University studying fashion merchandising. Casey’s game changed for good after watching a documentary about the pitfalls of fast fashion called “The True Cost.”

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“It was the first time I really thought about how much waste is generated in the fashion industry and the mistreatment of the workers,” Casey says. “I realized that every step I was taking at that time was further from the right direction for me.”

But, that transition didn’t happen overnight. Casey began becoming a more conscious consumer, thrifting as much as possible and tailoring garments to give them a modern flare.

“I remember one day I looked in my closet and realized it was all vintage. It’s the coolest thing to me. It’s like a museum in your closet,” Casey says.

Daisy Daydream launched almost a year ago. Over the past 300+ days, Casey has spent time scouring thrift shops and estate sales, cleaning circa-1970s dresses, hemming shorts, building a brand on Instagram and hitting the road to pop-up shops across North Carolina. 

“I want to make sustainable fashion more accessible,” Casey says. “But, another big thing of mine is styling and helping people find their gender identities through fashion.”

Through the brand’s gender-fluid styles, Daisy Daydream encourages its audience to express themselves in a whatever way is true and authentic.

Daisy’s Next Daydream

Daisy Daydream popups are mostly held in the Wilmington and Raleigh areas right now. A re-launch of their site is in the works but for now, you can scroll through the inventory via Instagram.

A stylist at heart, Casey plans to head into the music industry as a personal stylist. One thing that won’t change? Casey’s affinity for all things nostalgic and a continued fervor to promote conscious consumership.

“Any step toward being aware of what you’re putting money into is a step in the right direction. Even if it’s just reading an article,” Casey says.

To keep up with Casey and Daisy Daydream, check them out on Instagram, and be on the lookout for the website re-launch in early May.

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