You Should Give a Crepe About This New Food Truck

Meet Crepe Minds Think Alike — the newest creation by Meat and Greek owners Oresti and Brittany Arsi that puts a street food-style twist on a French classic. From sweet options like a bacon and Nutella combo to a savory smoked turkey, each crepe comes in its own portable cone. 

Pictured: Hatchet’s new Bloody Mary-style beer, a beermosa, the Crepe Lox (smoked salmon, caper cream cheese sauce, arugula), the Nutella and Bacon and the Besto Pesto (smoked turkey, roasted red peppers, pepper jack cheese, veggies and pesto).

The truck’s menu varies depending on what ingredients are in stock. In the works right now are waffle bubbles stuffed with ice cream, and they recently rolled out “alligator tail” waffle sticks topped chocolate, strawberries and more. 

Oresti and Brittany, who once owned a crepe restaurant in Hickory, N.C., are limiting how often they bring the truck out due to staffing. The good news? You can chase those scaries away with Crepe Minds Think Alike at Hatchet Brewing Co. with “Brunchin’ and Lunchin'” every Sunday from noon until 7 p.m. They’re also bringing the truck out for special events.

To see where Crepe Minds Think Alike is rolling next, check them out on Facebook, or email CrepeMindsTruck@gmail.com for event inquiries.

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