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Relaxing in a cool, dark room is enough for us, but here’s some reasons that the rest of you might want to go:

Wade Benton, one of the managers at Paragon Theaters in Southern Pines, in one of the newly renovated theaters. Photo via The Pilot / Ted Fitzgerald
  1. You’re Cheap. If you’re taking the whole crew out on the town, a trip to the movies can be expensive … but not on $6 Tuesdays at Paragon Sandhills. Where else can you keep a family of five entertained for two hours on only $30? We’ll wait.
  2. The Only Date You Want is With a Recliner. Put your feet up, relax and dive into a big bag of popcorn you won’t be sharing with anyone else — no matter who may or may not have paid for your ticket.
  3. You Want a Girls Night That Ends at a Decent Hour. We all have that one friend that just doesn’t know when to make her exit. Make her meet you at a movie; when the lights come on, that’ll be her cue.
  4. You Need Fun That’s Sensory-Friendly. During monthly sensory-friendly screenings at Paragon Sandhills, the lights stay on, the sound is low, and kids are free to move around.
  5. You’re Looking for a Low-Key Fundraiser. Select a movie, date and time. Go hard on marketing, then kick back and relax in the theater, knowing you just raised money for your cause without having to host a silent auction.
  6. You Just Want to See the Avengers. Seats are already selling out for Endgame, which opens April 25. Buy your tickets now and choose your recliner.

This piece was produced in partnership with Paragon Sandhills.

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