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Whispering Pies has a new owner, Sharon Gardner. But this familiar face has worked at the restaurant since it was Zerillo’s. She doesn’t plan to change much, but wants to add more specials to its pizza-focused menu. “We’re going to stick to what we’re good at,” says Sharon. 

Sharon Gardner

“The community was phenomenal during COVID,” she says but her goal is to return to being open seven days a week. She is also in the process of buying more equipment to make things easier on employees.

What else is cooking? Sharon is going to expand Whispering Pies by adding a sports bar that’ll allow for more seating and more space to wait for pizzas.

Hungry? Until the bar next door and renovations are complete, crust and believe you can still enjoy Whispering Pies pizza as normal. What does Sharon think is grate? The White Pizza topped with pepperoni, mushrooms and pineapple. We won’t get into that debate. Follow along for Watch out for new combinations here or call (910) 725-2255 to order takeout.

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