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We’re Green With Plant Envy

Any millennial knows there’s nothing like a few dozen plants to really tie a room together. So it’s only natural that the home and porch of Laura Vien recently caught our eye on Instagram. It turns out she’s an interior styler, vintage reseller, consultant, thrift queen and plant guru all combined. Cool cool cool.

She’s combined her passions for interior design and biology at her midcentury modern Southern Pines home, designed by architect Thomas Hayes. She also helps style homes and Airbnbs and also offers consultations. We’re not sure what she charges to remind us exactly how long to forget about our succulents, but we’re hoping she’s up to the task. 

“I got my love for picking from my grandparents,” says Laura. “I like finding weird pieces. I especially love lamps and anything brass,” she says.

Other than an aesthetically pleasing instagram, you can find Laura’s vintage items at Thistle and Moon and Create Studio. But wait, there’s more! You can also find her hosting the occasional plant workshop at Thistle and Moon, where she tells you how to not make your next plant your next victim. No one needs another body count that’s embarrassing. 

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