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We Like ‘Em Real Thick and Slurpy

When we start stockpiling ice-melting salt, we know that it’s peak bowl-ing season. While some prefer a meal they can sip from a cup, we thought it was time to appreciate the spirit-warmers who deserve nothing less than a full mouthful. Here’s where to find soupy specials worth a spoon:

The Meat and Black Bean: Get it as a cup for $4 or a bowl for $5 at Nature’s Own. Their soups change every few days but we haven’t had a bad one yet.

The Chunky Beef Stew: Meat your heart out with this absolute unit of a serving from The Soup Company in Carthage, sure to make a plaid shirt appear where there once was none. $5.95.

The Loaded Potato and Bacon: Starch your lunch hour off with a spoonful of comfort food from The Workshop Tavern.This absolute unit of a bowl comes full of veggies, potatoes, and bacon chunks with a side of toast all for $12. Believe us, it won’t leave you with any room for dessert.

The Roast Vegetable Italian Suppa: With Italian gigante beans, rainbow Swiss chard, baby kale and miso glazed root vegetables, pesto rosso soup from ROAST will cure what ails you. $6.99. 

The Brunswick Stew: This version with chicken, lima beans, onions, corn, tomatoes and potatoes is basically a whole food pyramid, direct from The Market Place for $5. Call us Tutankhamun. 

The Chicken and Rice: This boi we’d describe as slim-thicc — the broth is on the light side, but it has enough protein to make any gym buff proud. Make those gainz in the new year with the help of The Villager Deli. $5.75.

  • While we’re at it, let’s stir the pot: Is cereal a soup? 

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