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The Carolina Horse Park’s Painted Ponies are back, and so is our annual couch tour. Ponies and colts will be on display through April, when they will be auctioned to benefit the Carolina Horse Park. Tag your own photos with #CHPaintedPonies.

“Champion Stewey”

Artist Liz Apodaca has been painting since she was 6 years old. You’ll find this pony outside Opulence and DUXIANA of Southern Pines. Liz also painted a pony in 2023 called “Checkers,” which was installed in the same location.

Address: 280 NW Broad St.
Sponsors: Audrey Wiggins || BHGRE Lifestyle Property Partners || Opulence and DUXIANA of Southern Pines

“Southern Charm”

Painted by Yvette Sparks, you’ll find this pony at Against the Grain Shoppe.

Address: 220 NW Broad St.
Sponsors: Mabus Farm and General Contracting 


This mosaic colt, outside the Jefferson Inn, is a mixed-media piece by Christine Dalton.

Address: 150 W New Hampshire Ave.
Sponsors: Mike and Aimee Wilson

“Time to Relax”

Prominent equestrian artist Eugene Fletcher has created the full-size horse that helps welcome visitors to Southern Pines at the Amtrak train station.

Address: 235 NW Broad St.
Sponsors: Claire Reid and Kelly Valdes

“A Bit of Comfort”

Longtime equestrian and artist Christina Boucher Reynolds created this pony wrapped in a blanket, which you can see outside The Country Bookshop.

Address: 140 NW. Broad St.
Sponsors: Brian and Mary Phillips

“Peace of Wild Things”

Nikki Sinay Torres of “Let’s Paint the Town” created a whimsical pony with the help of her daughters, an artist and a wildlife rehabber. Read more about Nikki and her horse inspired by the Wendell Berry poem of the same name here.

Address: 145 W Pennsylvania Ave.
: The Pilot Newspaper

“Splendor in the Grass”

Covered in artificial turf, this textile member of the herd of Southern Pines Painted Ponies was installed at the Belvedere Plaza was created by Vanessa Grebe Fine Art.

Address: 122 W Pennsylvania Ave.
Sponsor: FirstHealth of the Carolinas

“Imperial Dream”

See this fancy colt painted by Caleigh Conlin outside the Southern Pines Water Department (near the U.S. Post Office). Fun fact: Caleigh is just 13 years old.

Address: 180 SW Broad St.
Sponsor: Carrollton Farm


Depicting equestrian events at the Carolina Horse Park, this painted pony outside Cabin Branch Tack Shop was created by Darlene Ivey.

Address: 232 SW Broad St.
Sponsor: Cabin Branch Tack Shop; Truist; Carolina Tax, Trusts & Estates

“A Frolic Through the Dogwoods”

Artist Shelly Turner is an interior designer by trade. Shelly herself has three dogs and a horse, which helped to inspire the scenes on her painted pony. Read more about her and this colt here.

Address: 125 SE Broad St.
Sponsor: Splash & Dash Groomerie & Boutique


Located outside Casino Guitars, this colt clearly just came from a barnyard rave. Artist Carl Knutson is a former lawyer, who steered his life down an artistic path after surviving a medical emergency. He splits his time between North Carolina and California.

Address: 115 NE Broad St.
Sponsor: Carl Knutson Art

“Root and Bloom”

This is up-and-coming artist Skylar Simmons‘ third painted pony. She worked native flowers and the Carolina Wren into the design. The title is from “Take Root and Bloom,” the motto of her hometown, Roseboro.

Address: 115 E Pennsylvania Ave.
Sponsor: Glenda Kirby of The Amazing Grace Farm

“Remember the Future”

Equipped with butterfly wings, this colt was painted by Ashten’s owner Ashley Van Camp and members of the Weymouth Equestrians program. The afterschool program offers equestrian experiences for youth on the grounds of the Weymouth Center for the Arts and Humanities.

Address: 140 E New Hampshire Ave.
Sponsor: Ashten’s Restaurant and Bar


Judi Fleming has been creating folk and fine art for several decades, and is president of the North Carolina Gourd Society. You can see the colt she painted outside WhitLauter.

Address: 229 NE Broad St.
Sponsor: WhitLauter Estate Jewelry

“Dancing in the Rain”

Cassidy Stitton became an artist during the pandemic shutdowns, when quarantine cleaning inspired her to create art from recycled and seemingly useless items. See more of her work at Studio Trouvaille.

Address: 275 NE Broad St.
Sponsor: Breezeway Sporthorse and Diagnostic Clinic

“Paisley Pony”

Evelyn Fischer is a Wilmington resident and artist who specializes in 3D art like textiles, gourds and ceramics. Her colt is located at Red’s Corner.

Address: 901 SW Broad St.
Sponsor: Pinehurst, Southern Pines, Aberdeen Area Convention & Visitors Bureau

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