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You know those Himalayan salt lamps you see in the home section of TJ Maxx? Now, close your eyes and imagine being inside one with a warm cup of tea and a cozy blanket. I did just that at the Southern Salt Room, on Pennsylvania Avenue.

This alternative spa uses Halotherapy, a practice of using Himalayan salt crystals to open up the bronchial tubes and thin out mucus. The floor of three treatment rooms is covered in them, and a ventilator disperses microscopic salt powder into the air that is said to clear your lungs and strengthen your respiratory system.

When Patricia Nobles’ husband, Eddie, was in a motorcycle accident that damaged his lungs, eventually leading to pneumonia, the couple stumbled upon halotherapy in Charlotte. Inspired by Eddie’s rapid recovery, Patricia and her husband decided to bring salt treatments closer to their Moore County home.

Patricia and Eddie at the Kombucha on tap.

When I arrived at Southern Salt Room, I was greeted by Patricia and her husband, Eddie, who led me to a dimly lit waiting room with a couch and a row of warm salt lamps on the floor. Each 45-minute salt therapy session starts on the hour, so I had about 10 minutes to kickstart my relaxation. Eddie handed me a fluffy white blanket and a pair of disposable booties for my feet, and offered me a cup of hot tea. Then, I was led to the largest of three salt therapy rooms.

I was skeptical about the blanket, because it’s almost June and 95 degrees outside, but I was instantly grateful for its warmth when I stepped onto the Himalayan salt floor and felt the chill in the air. The temperature in all of the rooms is controlled so that it’s cool enough for the dry salt. A mountain gal at heart, cold temps and warm blankets are my favorite combination.

Eddie pointed out the “halogenerator” on the wall, and explained how it blows pharmaceutical-grade salt powder into the air that is intended to be inhaled to break down mucus and work its anti-inflammatory magic. The Himalayan salt is all antimicrobial, so it essentially cleans itself by killing bacteria that touches it.

The room’s Himalayan salt floor, combined with the larger Himalayan salt blocks and the salt bricks in front of the windows (these are gorgeous, by the way) make you feel like you’re actually wearing rose-colored glasses.

Just as the lights dimmed and instrumental music began to play, I heard the buzz of the ventilator begin to disperse the salt into the air. I leaned all the way back in one of the room’s reclining chairs, wrapped myself in the blanket and let the salt go to work.

I’m an anxious person, so it takes me a second to relax. The 45-minute session ($35) was the perfect amount of time for me to lie down, focus on my breathing and just chill. When the session was over and it was time for me to exit the salt lamp like the genie from Aladdin, I felt suuuper calm. Like, so calm that even someone’s loud chewing noises wouldn’t get on my nerves. Okay, that’s a stretch, but you get the idea.

Now, it was time to try their kombucha on tap — added to the business model because, like the salt, it reduces inflammation in the body.

I eventually settled on a blueberry ginger. All of their kombucha is from Panacea Brewing Company in Wilmington, and it’s so good that you’ll almost forget you’re drinking beverage made with living bacteria.

I left Southern Salt Room feeling light, relaxed and ready to take on the rest of the day — and with a mental note to return and fill up my growler.

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