While picking up holiday decor, we stumbled upon the men’s section at Eloise Trading Company — and found something for our hard-to-shop-for spouse, our brother-in-law and the Secret Santa gift for that guy at work we barely know. We left so inspired that we made you a gift guide. Start scrolling.


The Man who Loves his Face: Beard or no beard, there’s something special about a man who takes good care of his mug. Whether it’s keeping his scruff soft when he smooches you or taking care of the skin he takes a razor to every day, thoughtful shaving gifts are both useful and appreciated by any man. ($14-$35)


The Style Guru: What do you give to the man who can dress himself in something other than cargo shorts? Stylish socks to complete his ensemble. These are fitting for the men you know and love, and those whose name you can barely remember. ($12)


The Whisky Drinker: For a man who appreciates the finer things in life. Pair this with your father-in -law’s favorite bottle of scotch and a cigar to get on his good side this year. (Whiskey wedge, $19. Cigar glass, $24.95)


The Marriage Saver: Yeah, everybody goes, but chances are you’re the only one trying to make that part of your shared existence less terrible. This stocking stuffer is really a gift to yourself. ($10-$25, depending on stink level)


The Man of Honor: There’s nothing like a small, sweet gesture to say thank you for serving during the holidays. These little ornaments for each branch are perfect for the spouse of a deployed service member, father of a solider, veteran and more. ($10)


The Dirty John: Fresh, manly scents in big ass bars of soap are charming enough to gift to any guy, from the macho man to the lager lover ($9).

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