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Months after announcing her intent to franchise, C.Cups Cupcakery owner Janell Canino has found an owner for her second Moore County location. Lauren Bonner, a team member who has lived in the area for four years, has grown from a baker to a franchisee.Part of Janell’s mission was to create affordable opportunities for team members and others with an entrepreneurial mindset. “It’s like a fairytale job — I get to make cupcakes all day,” says Lauren, adding that she is excited and nervous to take over. She doesn’t plan to make changes other than potentially expanding the hours.

Now that the Pinehurst location will be managed by someone else, Janell will have more free time to get other franchise locations up and running. “It will still be the cupcakery everyone knows and loves,” Janell says.

Interested in the sweet life? See how the franchising program works.

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