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When I booked my massage at the Spa at Pinehurst, I knew the visit would look a little different than has in the past. Masks are the new norm, and the Resort is no exception. Regardless, I felt my face relax behind my face covering the minute I stepped foot into the lobby.

I was greeted by a kiosk that took my temperature. After passing the test, a staff member in a mask led me back into the spa area.

As expected, the spa did feel a bit different. There were people present, but not enough to make social distancing difficult. Signs posted across the pool area notified guests to refrain from moving chairs that were spaced six feet apart from their spots.

The usual toiletries in the locker rooms were absent and the sauna was closed. The hot tub in the women’s quiet area, however, remained open. Well, open for three people at a time. Eight people could relax in the larger co-ed hot tub and pool.

Despite the change in protocol that limited me from indulging in the sweet-smelling lotions and shampoos and stuffing my face with food from the snack area, the usual spa vibes were all present.

After decompressing by the pool with a drink, I hopped on the massage table and let the therapist work her magic. FYI: Masks are required during massages, but only while you’re lying face-up. If you don’t have one, they’ll provide one.

While the therapist worked out all of the knots and tension I’ve acquired recently, I forgot the world around me. The session lasted 50 minutes. Fifty minutes of pure relaxation is more than I’ve had in months.

The session ended too soon, but I was grateful for the escape. Despite my muscles being worked on by a stranger, I never once felt at-risk. I forgot about the masks. I forgot about the distance. But, I did remember how nice it felt to be cared for with a one-on-one touch.

TLDR; sometimes all you need is a good spa session to feel human again.

SwayTakes are first person accounts written by members of the Sway team or our readers. This one was produced in partnership with Pinehurst Resort.

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