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It is one thing when you can decide where you want to live and freely make your own moving timeline– though we know if you’re like us, you’ve probably thrown all of your clothes in a garbage bag before it’s time to turn in the keys a time or two. When Uncle Sam is calling the shots on dates and location, real estate broker Joanne Crum recommends to stay ahead of the curve with these helpful tips:

1. Take into consideration how long you’ll probably be living there.

Is it a couple years or a couple months? Is your family growing? Answering these questions can help identify the right investment for you.

2. Seek a local agent months before you move.

You can find a trusted source who has the experience of working with military families, knows the communities and can tell you the happenings around town to help with the transition to your new home.

3. Ask said agent for a local lender, and get pre-approved.

Preapproval is so important in the home buying process, and a local lender is preferred. Ask your new agent for their shining recommendation. 

4. Learn the local market.

Right now the market is hot, so what you see now might not be available to hold for your PCS. However, keeping up with the market can help you understand local trends in your new home away from home.

Bonus tip: Go back to #2 and get signed up for instant notifications based on the criteria you’re looking for.

5. Prepare yourself to act quickly when you do find something.

When you have a clear vision, you can easily put in an offer for your dream home (or something close to it.) If you think the house is a good fit for your family, be ready to take aim and fire.

6. Have extra champagne (or White Claws) on hand.

Because you want to celebrate the small wins along the way– and you may need to have a drink from the stress. Either way, you’re prepared.

Have ideas to brainstorm or questions about our local housing market? Give Joanne Crum a call at (910)-690-2819 and check out her website.

This piece was created in partnership with Joanne Crum of Rhodes & Co.

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