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We’re finally having some days below 80 degrees, and we’re slowly letting our mums die while racking our brains for Great Aunt Helen’s corn puddin’ recipe. Must be fall.

At least when it comes to tablescapes, there’s no need to sweat. Lily Rose has your back as you prepare for hours spent around the table with the cousins you haven’t thought about since their birthday reminders popped up on your Facebook feed. Here’s the SwaySix Guide to setting your table like a boss:

1. Functional, Neutral Serving Pieces

Exhibit upper left. These sweet pieces will keep your table classy and have your guests coming back to the table for more (as if they ever left). On the left is a three piece set including a polka-dot tray, dipping bowl and brass spreader. On the right is a pumpkin shaped deviled egg tray that kindly reads, “in all things give thanks.” Feeling sassy? Ask about the “the devil made me do it” deviled egg tray instead.

2. Pumpkin Placecard Holders

Because assigned seats are the only way to keep your uber conservative relative from starting a conversation about pronouns. If family dinners are going to be stressful, may as well do what you can to ease the blow. Cute little pumpkin placeholders help. Available in orange or ivory.

3. Southern Somethins’

From cheese crisps to pickled okra, raspberry pepper preserves and buttermilk biscuit mix for you over-achievers, there are nibbles for everyone to put a little south in their mouth — and leave less room for bless-your-hearts.

4. A Platter That Can Do Both

Get a platter with a bright, pretty color and festive design the will unveil itself as the family peels away grandma’s monkey bread piece by piece. Pro tip: Prop this dish on a plate stand and use as bonus decor when not in use.

5. Colorful Taper Candles

Candles make everything better. And while we usually choose a pumpkin pie aroma calming our senses this time of year, fall-colored taper candles add ambiance and festivity without the extra smells. Let your takeout-put-in-serving-platters do the talking.

6. Fall Florals

Flesh blooms make everything better. Lean on Lily Rose’s sister boutique Jack Hadden for a centerpiece or bouquet that sets the tone with fall florals.

This piece was written in partnership with Lily Rose Boutique.

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