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We’re Not Sweating, We’re Glowing

Because talking about the weather is as inescapable as the heavy humid air itself. If you’re tired of hearing “it’s just a different kind of heat,” we’re with you— hot is hot. We made a #Swaysix on ways to beat the humidity. *cue Rocky soundtrack* 

  1. For the cubes in your iced coffee: Try freezing iced coffee cubes to use instead of regular ice so when your drink inevitably melts in 30 seconds, it won’t be all watered down. Best to invest in a quality ice maker so you can just crunch down your caffeine.
  1. For your windshield that can’t decide what it wants: First it’s foggy because it’s hotter inside than out, then it’s foggy because it’s cooler inside than out. Do you use heat or cool air on the defroster? Why is it this hard? Anti fog spray is a thing. We’ve also heard potatoes can act as a fog repellent. Rub them on your windshield, or throw them ahead of you to see if anything is in your way.
  1. For your lion’s mane: We know we know, your hair is gonna be big. It’s going to get frizzy. You could try to invest in anti-frizz serums and clutter your bathroom cabinets until you find one you like. The most practical solution is to just shave your head. 
  1. For your room: A dehumidifier helps. We also recommend switching out your blankets for a shower curtain. We’d say cry, but that’ll just add more moisture to the air.
  1. For your sweaty coworker: Invest in a mini desk fan that blows air away from you. Spray Febreeze into it a few times a day for a DIY fogger. We saw that one on Pinterest.
  1. For your glasses: If you don’t also own contacts, good luck being blind every time you go from A/C to outside. Maybe also buy extra lens cloths. Because using the bottom of your maxi skirt is “unprofessional.”

What’s your tried-and-true method of beating the humidity? Tell us at hello@itsthesway.com.

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