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SwayTake: I can’t believe it’s not butter!

We wanted to try Butter Coffee — also known as “Bullet Coffee.” This is a low carb, high fat, breakfast replacement popular for the Keto diet. It’s supposed to provide energy without the sugar crash and spare you a few minutes in the kitchen every morning. TBH, we weren’t in it for the diet, but to try something new and frankly, weird. 

As our co-workers know, The Sway doesn’t miss an excuse to disrupt the office and force them to try a not so new concoction.

  • Recipe: 1 tbsp melted butter + 1 tbsp melted coconut oil + coffee of your choice + hand frother + the willingness to have some fun

Here’s what we thought:


Initial reaction: Why do people make this stuff? I need to try it. 

Thoughts: I’m a coffee addict that has to try any and every kind of coffee there is, so although it sounded gross, I was ready to try it. I thought it would froth more but the texture in your mouth is surprisingly creamy. I feel like I put on a fresh coat of chapstick with every sip. The flavor is nutty, probably from the coconut oil or maybe the butter brings it out in the beans themselves, but I like it. I don’t think I could replace it with breakfast every day but it’s better than I expected. I feel very full after half a cup. I’d like to have a moment of silence for my stomach. 


Initial reaction: Sounds weird, I’m in.

Thoughts: It tastes how burnt popcorn smells. I can’t do it. 


Initial Reaction: I love butter, yes please.

Thoughts:  You know when you’re expecting a cup of coffee and then you get a smooth taste of movie theater butter? No? Oh … It has a subtle nuttiness and the reminisce of a latte that’s lost its froth. I keep saying I won’t finish it, but it gets better with time. My lips won’t be dry for the next year and I’ve been hit with childhood nostalgia. Something is telling me that this is going to lead to a really unhealthy addiction of taking whole bites out of the stick of butter in my fridge.


Initial reaction: Ew.

Thoughts: I can believe it’s butter. The taste is OK, but I’m all about texture, and it definitely feels like I’m drinking a cake ingredient. Not a pleasant mouthfeel. It’s light and fluffy, but also weirdly greasy, and it’s, like, (gently heaves) coating my lips and the inside of my mouth. Is this one of those diet things people commit to and just get used to it over time? This one is working for me, in the way that I never want to use butter again.

Have you tried bullet coffee? Tell us how right or wrong we are at hello@itsthesway.com

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