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One of my goals for the new year was to try something new, so I did. I took a stained glass class at ArtWorks Vass with Diane Flanegan. There are a variety of stained glass classes you can sign up for and leave with your own glass plant, dragonfly, paw print and more.

ArtWorks also offers classes in pottery, metalworks, jewelry, painting and more. As Diane says, “if you’re looking for what your thing is, this is the place to try it.”

Another perk of the class is that you can bring your own snacks and bevvies. We began with a table setting for each attendee. I signed up for the bumblebee class so there was a template for that as well as a variety of tools that looked like something that should be on a surgical table. 

We were told to pick out our glass pieces out of a bucket varying in colors, textures and sizes. I went with the traditional bee colors but some of the new friends I made during the class opted for unique colors that had me feeling jealous by the end of the evening. 

As we were working with sharp objects, Diane began the class with a warning.

“There will be blood,” she said. “But don’t worry, there’s Band-aids in the middle of the table.” I welcomed the challenge. If worst came to worst, I could make up a cool story for any potential new scars.

First, we learned to cut the thick shards of glass. Turns out it’s ergonomically better if you stand up. I wouldn’t hive had a clue.

Diane (left) instructing while Boo, the cat, greets the class.

Throughout the process, the store cat, Boo, was greeting everyone and nonchalantly walking across the glass-covered table without a care in the world. That cat either has paws of steal or an IDGAF attitude that I need. 

The whole class took about 3 hours from start to finish. In between each step we had to wash our glass pieces. Which was honestly, a pain in the glass. But along the way we got to mingle and laugh. Diane took us under her wings. It was something different and new. To my surprise, no one ended up needing Band-aids (that I know of).

The coolest part is seeing how different everyone’s bee turned out by the end of the class. I’m adding this to the arc-hives next time I want a fun girls night. 

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