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Let’s Take This Offline

If you’re fully remote but can’t stay on mute all day, touch grass on the way to the first IRL space by Instant Teams, a company dedicated to helping military-connected professionals get work that travels with them. 

Founded by military spouses Liza Rodewald and Erica McMannes, Instant Teams has grown to more than 600 employees since 2016. Rather than focusing on résumés that often have gaps, Instant Teams partners employees with work based on skillsets identified by assessment tests. 

The company is opening its first physical location at 670 SW Broad St. in downtown Southern Pines. The 4,000-square foot building, open to Instant Teams employees and local military spouses, will offer co-working spaces, a play area for kids, a conference room and tools for content creation.

Southern Pines office manager Erin Soper, left, with CEO Liza Rodewald in front of the children’s play area at the co-working space.

The company has also launched an app, TwelveMillionPlus, that will allow military spouses to connect, and verify military affiliation of all who ask to join. 

Unveiled on Thursday, Feb. 23 along with the new Instant Teams workspace in downtown Southern Pines, the app offers military spouses opportunities to connect, find work and attend events; and verifies military affiliation of all who join.

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