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You might not be able to swing a full-time private chef, but a new(ish) service will let you rent one for a party or special dinner at home.

Ricky Lang began the service in Myrtle Beach in February of 2021 by hosting in-home sushi making classes. “People started asking if I could just make the sushi,” says Ricky, “So I started looking up how many private chefs were in the area and it wasn’t many.” Thus Ricky became an entree-preneur.

Photos courtesy of Gringo Ninja

Long called “Gringo” by the Ecuadorian side of his family, Ricky added “Ninja,” to his nickname after he started specializing in sushi. So, naturally, he named his mobile chef business Gringo Ninja.

Now Gringo Ninja does all kinds of cooking and offers a nontraditional, interactive experience. The goal is for the experience to be fun for everyone. “Most people think that it’s unattainable but we try to price ourselves so it’s realistic,” says Ricky. 

There are around 10 employees spread out around the Carolinas and their range is typically 100 miles. Gringo Ninja still does the occasional sushi class as well and they frequent the Pinehurst, Southern Pines area. 

“We went from doing this 1-2 times a month to 20-30 times a week,” says Ricky, “I didn’t think it would blow up the way that it did.”

What else do they offer? For your real posh parties you can order a naked model to eat sushi off of.Yes, really. Called Nyotaimori, or “body sushi,” models are covered in cold banana leaves and then sushi. Unsurprisingly, Ricky says it’s popular with bachelor and bachelorette parties. You can book a male or female model.

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