R. Riveter x USGA Collab Bags Going Par

R. Riveter’s motto is “Bags on a mission” and this week is no different, with the U.S. Open in town, they’re on a mission to sell out.  The USGA partnered with R. Riveter on special U.S. [...]

USGA Merch Tent Raises the Bar(code)

We’ll let you in on a local secret: even non U.S. Open ticket holders can browse the the USGA’s on-course Merchandise Pavilion tent before the Open officially kicks off. You can shop [...]

Pinehurst: Sip and Stroll Through a Weeklong U.S. Open Party in Tufts Park

Village Pitches Downtown Party Starting June 10, Tufts Park (in the center of downtown Pinehurst) will transform into a local championship hub with a golf simulator, a putting green, photo ops [...]

Course Materials: U.S. Open Party Supplies

Party Hosting During the U.S. Open It’s Not a Clubhouse It’s a clubhome. You’re just a chip (and dip) off the old block, so decorate accordingly and ace your U.S. Open [...]

Southern Pines: Shops Open Late During U.S. Open, “Funk the Open” Party Planned

Have Another Round In Southern Pines, June 15, 4-8 p.m. ace your afternoon at “Funk the Open,” what Hatchet Brewing Co. and Locals Only is calling the “second largest [...]

What’s the U.S. Open Traffic Situation?

What’s the Traffic Situation? Meet the Final Boss. Airboss, that is. Yes, that’s what they’ve named this lil guy. The mobile air traffic control system will help the Moore [...]

Health, Wellness + Recovery: US Open Guide

Because the 19th hole is no joke. This Isn’t Disk Golf Your lower back should have higher standards. You may not be playing like the pros but that doesn’t mean you’re immune to [...]

Unique Souvenirs to Get During The U.S. Open

Unique Souvenirs to Get During The U.S. Open T(r)ee It Up Take home a piece of the pines with souvenirs from Pine Life. Find apparel, candles, cups, hats, magnets, coasters and more that rep [...]

Suite Profits? Local Landlords Talk U.S. Open

What if you could make money for being out of town? That’s what several Moore County residents have done or are trying to do by renting out their homes to tourists or workers during the week of [...]