Delisa Anderson

Ringleader, head honcho, top cat – take your pick. After spending too many years in the corporate world Lorraine was tired of the bureaucracy, the sameness and the bad coffee. Instead of forcing herself to fit inside a square hole any longer, she founded Roundpeg out of her house 14 years ago and has since assembled a band of talented misfits with the same goals, belief in strategy and love of cats.

Lorraine walks the line between professional and maverick like she walks the Monon. She functions on a strict diet of Italian food and art, serving as the marketing head of Indy Fringe and president of the One-Woman Society of Museum Addicts. You’ll rarely find her without a camera, photographing flowers, great architecture or people (which you can check out at lorraineball.com). If you want to talk marketing strategy, business development or how awesome the Barnes Foundation collection of paintings is, Lorraine is your person.

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