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People love dogs more than they love people. Show them that people still have some good qualities (like the ability to buy them Christmas presents) and gift them something they’ll actually like.

A Sudsy Surprise

Give them a break from washing their Husky in the bathtub at home, without making them load up the pups in their car. Driveway Dogs, offers a luxury mobile spa that comes to you.


A Lesson with a Local Olympian

Schedule the equestrian you love a lesson with Will Faudree for an experience that will help them improve their equitation at their barn or his. Will is an engaging instructor for students of all ages and abilities.

A Place For the Poo

Every dog owner knows the struggle of carrying around a big bag of you-know-what — during what should be a peaceful walk with man’s best friend. A Poopie Pocket clips right onto the leash so dog walkers can continue their walk easily, even after their pooch does his business.

Toys for the Bougie Bitches

One Eleven Main has all the finest toys for the Chululemon lovers in your family, as well as the Starbarks addicts. Find these toys and more for a cute and funny gift that your pup will love.


Gently Used Tack

Remember where that gymnastics leotard is? That’s what we thought. Don’t pay full price for a hobby that might not stick. Find tack, boots, and fun accessories for their (rented) pony at Barn Door Consignments, 104 Knight St. in Aberdeen.


A Portrait of Their No. 1

Although these custom portraits won’t be done in time for Christmas, you can let your giftee choose what photo they’d like to be made into a custom pet portrait by Jane Sweet Jane.


An Animal That Doesn’t Make a Mess

A stuffed llama is much friendlier to your landlord. So are the plush dogs, cats and rabbits at Mockingbird on Broad. And for the cat-lady-turned-failed-plant-lady, the shop has plush cacti, too.


Pictures of Dogs

For a dog lover, what’s second best to a photo of their dog? A photo of a friend’s dog — or of a dog they don’t even know. Any dog, really. Even those you can ride. Complete their cubicle decor with a calendar from The Country Bookshop, pre-marked with all the office dogs’ birthdays.

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