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She Sheds aren’t just for Cheryls on commercials. Meet the owner of the She Shed Collective, Kimberly Nock, who operates out of her very own she shed. Kim is passionate about crafting and conservation, and started selling eco-conscious goods as a way to promote creativity while reducing environmental waste.

Kim started selling goods at Pop Up In The Pines in 2022. She says her supplies are gathered as sustainably as possible; yarn she uses for macrame is 100% recycled cotton from textile industries.

Her products include decor, candles and wall art, which she sells on Etsy, too. You’ll also find her hosting workshops where people can create something personalized from thrifted supplies, foraged foliage or items sourced from small businesses.

Also a full-time student of environmental science, Kim hopes to expand her workshops to multiple locations and host virtual workshops to teach people about the environment while helping them explore their creativity. Follow along on IG.

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