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Feeling Lucky?

Ready to represent your hometown with something other than a pine tree? Keep an eye out for Lucky Penny designs, made by Kate McDonald, on shirts and stationery. Her brand features iconic details of Aberdeen and Southern Pines, with Pinehurst coming soon.

The Aberdeen shirts include the water tower, Aberdeen Coca-Cola Bottling Co. and Davenport’s Galaxy (RIP). Her Southern Pines shirts include food trucks, the train station and even local photographer Joseph Hill.

Like any true graphic designer, she got her start on Microsoft Paint (real recognize real). During quarantine, she started selling watercolor paintings. When she realized the community was responding well to them, she decided to begin selling her other designs.

Kate wanted to make something she could see herself wearing. Inspired by classic country and rock music, she describes her aesthetic as western and vintage.

When she’s not designing, she loves roller skating, watching her daughter play volleyball and crossword puzzles. 

All of the t-shirts are locally printed at Cardinal Apparel; you’ll be able to shop at Thistle and Moon in Southern Pines, High Octane in Aberdeen, and online. Prices vary. Sew what?

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