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In a Galaxy Not Far Away

There’s an old grocery store that’s reached the end of the line. Davenport’s Galaxy, a staple of downtown Aberdeen for nearly 50 years, will be closing its doors at the end of the month. The time capsule grocery store currently has everything 20% off as its shelves go bare.

Cashiers Edwina Lamonds and Linda Brown each said they heard it was going to be an arcade similar to Rec Room Bar and Arcade in Southern Pines — and building owner Moses Shahban said he couldn’t share the exact plan, but confirmed the concept. Because what else do you do with an old grocery store?

Longtime customers are feeling let down. “This was the type of grocery store where everyone knew your name, knew your smokes, what beer you drank, hell, you could even run a tab. There’s so many memories to share,” says Mikey Worley, who grew up in the Colonial Heights neighborhood.

The store is set to close at the end of the month, along with the Tacos Galaxy food counter. Owner Sergio Araujo says he would love to relocate the restaurant but doesn’t yet have plans in place.

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