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At the urging of Joanne Crum and Pat Phillips, Rhodes and Co. Realtors who are tired of seeing homes with sad little front yards, we’ve compiled a list of perennials that’ll help add curb appeal — with little to no help from you. These garden plants are easy to maintain and give your sandy soil a little more nitrogen to work with.

The Pollinator:
Butterfly Bush


  • Likes Sun
  • 4’ Mature size 
  • As the name suggests, it attracts butterflies, bees and other pollinators
  • Blooms in summer
  • Fun flower shape

The Classic:
Drift Roses 


  • Low Maintenance
  • Multiple colors
  • Low-growing landscape roses that give you lots of green and pops of color

The Showoff
Spirea “Candy Corn”


  • Likes sun or partial shade
  • Low growing 
  • Moderate water needs
  • Bright foliage

The Green Machine
Fatshedera “Angyo Star”


  • Evergreen
  • Likes Shade
  • Moderate water needs
  • Big, unusual leaves

Old Reliable: Loropetalum Shrub


  • Purple
  • Evergreens that bloom pink flowers in the spring
  • Hard to kill once established … seriously they won’t die. If you ever want to get rid of them, good luck.
  • Likes sun

The Early Bloomer: Azaleas


  • First to bloom in spring 
  • Variety of colors available
  • Likes full sun to partial shade
  • Often spreads on its own

Information provided with the help of Gulley’s Garden Center, where all of these plants can be found to amp up that curb appeal.

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